Emergency Survival Backpack

Includes everything an individual needs to
survive in an emergency.


  • 5 X 4.227 FL. OZ. WATER POUCHES,
  • PORTABLE STOVE (Including Fuel Tablets)
    (Including 37 Piece Bandage Kit, N95 Dust Mask, Pocket Tissues, 3 Wet Naps and Waste Bag)
  • And so much more

1 Gallon Wise Fire

1 Month Supply of Innovative,
Versatile and Clean Burning Heat Source

Perfect for emergency and outdoor use. he One Gallon bucket can boil approximately 60 cups of water. This product is reliable,wind and water resistant, and has a 25 year shelf life. In addition it is easy to use and store and it is safe. It burns "green" with no harmful vapors or chemicals, and it is nonvolatile-no risk of unintended fires or flare-ups.

Wise Water Filter
powered by Seychelle

In an emergency, water supplies can easily become tainted, requiring you to boil water before you drink it. This can take time, precious energy, and even more precious fuel.

The Wise Water Filter, powered by Seychelle is a perfect solution for your emergency water needs:

  • Seychelle filters are laboratory and field tested to Remove up to 99.99 % of All contaminants
  • Replaceable filter can deliver up to 100
    gallons of great-tasting, clean drinking water
  • Indefinite Shelf life
  • Easy-to-use flip top ergonomic design

The Wise Water Filtration device is our free gift to you. Thank you for choosing Wise Company!

Wise Fire is the Ultimate Emergency Fuel

When there is an emergency, few things are more critical than being able to start a fire for warming or boiling water to keep you safe. Wise Fire is the ultimate emergency fuel!

  • Easily start a fire to keep warm
  • Boil water to ensure your drinking potable water
  • Safe & environmentally friendly – burns clean
  • Easily stored in water-tight container
  • Yours free when you order now!
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